a filmmakers’ soiree / a moveable feast co-hosted by alexandra lexton and cari borja

“a film is ~ or should be ~ more like music than like fiction. it should be a
progression of moods and feelings. the theme, what’s behind the emotion,
the meaning, all that comes later.” ~ stanley kubrick

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a filmmakers’ soiree / a moveable feast for the Pacific Filmmakers’ Forum
salon dinner #95 co-hosted by alexandra lexton and cari borja
saturday, october 22nd 2016 at 32Ten Studios, San Rafael


a film, a gathering, any experience ~ when tailored delicately and gracefully, is a progression of moods and feeling that aren’t truly apprehended until well after the actual moment. this is the beauty of bringing people together, and in particular bringing together such an amazing array of storytellers who use film as their medium, their voice. salon dinner #95, of filmmakers at the historic 32Ten Studios, Lucas’s old facility where such iconic films such as …. was magical. co-hosted with Pacific Filmmaker Forum’s Alexandra Lexton (with eve love as sous chef and jesse turner spinning records) we brought together local film colleagues for an evening of screenings, conversation and of course gathering ~ to eat, to drink, to conjure. 

with an intro to the theater and 32Ten Studios by Sean House and screenings of many of the guests films, we got to see a variety of visions that ranged from the madness of phil tippett’s vision to the grace of the artist in William Farley’s Plastic Man … below are links to the other guests’ work as well ~  a visual essay of the evening’s arc ~ from beginning to end ~ with some words from 32Ten’s Tim Partridge and Pacific Filmmaker Forum’s Alexandra Lexton ~  and as an afterword / through the dinner, I got to know Frazer Bradshaw, and we just began (this week) production on THE DEEP SKY, his second feature… with me as part of the team… Onward ~ 

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our guests /

alexandra lexton + jesse turner, cari borja, eve love
tim partridge, jamie + kyle redford, phil + jules tippett, chris hamiltion
pamela + john walker, mary-pat green, eric aragon, zoe elton, karen davis
matthew lamerle + alison davis, janis plotkin, julie wright robin + chris robino
david o. weissman, barry stone , sean + elisa house, vivian kleiman
anthony lucero, sheri shuster, james grisom, ole schell, denise zmekhol
september williams, ethan wiley, francesca prada, emmy scarlatta
frazer bradshaw + susie wise, william farley, christopher upham
vero bollow, jesse + amanda moss, catherine ryan + gary weimberg

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“…the people who move through the streets
are all strangers.
At each encounter,
they imagine a thousand things
about one another;
meetings which could take place between them, conversations, surprises, caresses, bites.
But no one greets anyone;
eyes lock for a second,
then dart away, seeking other eyes, never stopping… something runs among them,
an exchange of glances
like lines that connect one figure with another and draw arrows, stars, triangles,
until all combinations
are used up in a moment,
and other characters come on to the scene… ”
~ italo calvino

(the 3rd time in the trio ~ quoted at salon dinner #92/International Authors Dinner for the Bay Area Book Festival and #93 in NYC)


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Alexandra Lexton, on her concept behind behind the Pacific Filmmakers’ Forum

“The inspiration for starting the PFF was the need that I see for a unified and inclusive filmmaking community here in the Bay Area. After living in Los Angeles and New York and being able to tap into the resources and the network of other filmmakers, I realize how essential it is to maintain those creative productive connections and more importantly, in this environment, to cultivate more local productions.

So the goals of Pacific Filmmakers’ Forum are many-fold: to provide internetwork support for established filmmakers, workshops for project development and roundtable discussions on all topics related to getting the film made, developing a film fund for PFF members and tax incentives for investors, eventual artist/filmmaker creative co-op space and out reach education programs for developing filmmakers.”

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Tim Partridge, on his vision for 32Ten Studios ~

“The facility at 3210 Kerner Boulevard is historic in the film community, particularly in Northern California, in that it is where Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic established itself as the world’s leading visual effects company. Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and into the 00’s most of the biggest blockbusters were worked on within these halls; everything from Star Wars (Episode V and beyond), the Indiana Jones films, the Back to the Future and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises and dozens more. Technologies and techniques were developed here that are still used today as the industry transitioned from practical to digital effects. For example, the luxury screening theater where we watched each others trailers was where the THX specification for movie theaters was actually developed. It is in deference to the incredible legacy of the building that when we moved in we decided to name our company simply after this address – 32TEN Studios.

My vision for the studio is to once again make it a thriving hub for Bay Area content creators of all stripes. We currently have 13 other media companies taking office space in the building and it is a fun creative community to be around. We provide special FX, stage and fabrication services to anyone who needs them and are also in the process of developing our own projects from reality shows, to movies and virtual reality to keep the creative juices flowing and our incredible Bay Area film community thriving.”


imagine, projected, a piece i made originally for an edible installation at YBCA ~ Reverie 

(below / film stills from Vera Chytilova’s 1966 DAISIES, which is the finale montage in my short above…)

3212  daisies-on-table  344397

“each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is
only by this meeting that a new world is born.” ~ anaïs nin


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